Customer service in the social media age – the next battleground (infographic)

6 Jul 2012

Any business that serves customers knows just how much power customers yield over a business’ success, and the advent of social media has only heightened the importance of customer service, a new infographic shows.

The infographic published by BlueWolf on serves up some sobering figures for business owners and managers: 85pc of a business could be lost due to poor customer service and by 2014, refusing to communicate with customers via social channels will be as harmful as ignoring their emails or phone calls is today.

The infographic also looks at traditional customer service metrics and emerging social support metrics, how a business can still suffer even when a customer won’t say they’re not happy with the service they receive, ‘The Front Line’ (those who field incoming client communication via various channels), and ‘The Social Era’, which focuses on companies’ use of social media for customer engagement.  

social customer service

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic