Dundalk sports tech firm in deal to deliver digital content to US TV networks

6 Mar 2014

Health and Sports Technologies Ltd's CTO Ann Bruen, and CEO Peter Larkin

US TV company Leading Edge has chosen Dundalk-based Health and Sports Technologies Ltd to produce educational videos on how the use of predictive analysis technology is changing the game for US television networks.

This series will encompass a comprehensive educational programme focused on the benefits of predictive analysis and identifying trends and patterns in athletes/players.

Each feature story highlights the latest trends and advancements while simultaneously maintaining the educational format that public television audiences expect on a daily basis. 

Sports technology firm Health and Sports Technologies went through a rigorous interview process over a two-week period.

The recording will take place in Florida or San Diego, California, as the company has a Temecula Football Club in San Diego that will be used as a part of the filming using its Metrifit monitoring platform.

Leading Edge is the company that produces these documentaries, with NFL coach and broadcaster Jimmy Johnson serving as host.

The documentary will be aired across channels such as CNBC, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, The Learning Channel, Fox Business and the Discovery Channel over the year.

The documentary is based on the sports and technology industry globally, which will focus on what technology can do and how it benefits the users.

Global vision

“Our company is an HPSU (high-potential start-up) with Enterprise Ireland and we developed our social media platforms under its guidance and direction,” Health and Sport Technologies Ltd CEO Peter Larkin said.

“We have a number of clients in the USA, such as University of Tennessee, who use Metrifit within their colleges. Part of the recording will also focus on how we identify trends and patterns using our technology, and Ann Bruen, the company CTO, will be discussing this in the documentary and what the benefits are for a team and individual.

“The company has a sports scientist employed with the support of Aspire and through this we are identifying key trends using our monitoring platform. We believe that this agreement will hugely increase our business potential in the US and globally,” Larkin added.

Health and Sports Technologies Ltd has recently agreed to a deal with the Italian LND (National Amateur League), which also played a part in securing this agreement, as it was looking for a company with a focus on global penetration.

The company has also been working with a selected number of GAA teams for the past few years, including Dublin, Kerry, Clare, Galway and Louth.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years