Evernote acquires Skitch for improved image editing

19 Aug 2011

Evernote has acquired image-editing Mac app Skitch and plans to bring it to more desktop and mobile platforms, along with integrating it to its note-taking app.

Evernote bought the company as it said one of the most-requested features for its note-taking app was for improved image editing and annotation abilities, which Skitch covers.

It will build Skitch into its own app, as well as keeping Skitch as a separate one. The Evernote app will let users draw, grab screenshots and annotate notes in the coming months.

The Skitch Mac app is now available for free and new Skitch users can sign into it using Evernote credentials.

Evernote aims to improve the Skitch Mac app and plans to bring Skitch to “every desktop and mobile platform under the sun.” Already, Evernote has launched the Skitch Android app for tablets and smartphones.