Global BBC iPlayer coming to iPads first

2 Dec 2010

The BBC is launching a global version of its iPlayer video on demand service initially for iPad devices as a subscription service.

According to Paid Content, the global iPlayer launch will be on a paid subscription basis, with the BBC allowing advertisers to partner with them on “free” areas of the service.

The iPad service will be accessed by downloading a free app along with free content to showcase the service.

It should roll out to other platforms later, as, according to Luke Bradley-Jones, executive vice-president and managing director of, it is “unlikely” that they will take “the exclusive route” and that “the mid-term objective is for the service to be multiplatform”.

iPlayer offers the BBC’s TV and radio shows for the previous seven days on multiple platforms.

It was launched three years ago and is the UK’s most popular broadcaster-operated video-on-demand service.

It’s currently only available in the UK, however, there has been a big demand to see it become a worldwide service in order for global audiences to access BBC programming.

The details of the pricing will be made available in the new year.