Instagram’s Android app gets 1m downloads in one day

4 Apr 2012

The Android version of Instagram’s photo-sharing app has been downloaded 1m times in less than 24 hours after it launched on the Google Play marketplace.

The Next Web reports that the app reached this milestone less than a day after it launched for the Android platform. It also experienced 2,000 sign-ups per minute after its launch.

Instagram has seen huge success on the iOS platform, with more than 30m registered users globally. The app lets users apply filters over photos they’ve taken and share them with friends across its own site, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

More than 1bn Instagram photos have been uploaded so far, with 5m new photos being uploaded each day.

The app’s arrival was highly anticipated for Android users and 430,000 people joined the waiting list to be informed of its Android launch date.