Jobs sites turn career guides

12 Dec 2007

Irish workers are increasingly turning to online jobs sites for career advice, a poll has found.

When asked the question ‘Who do you go to for careers advice?’, 26pc of respondents said they would go to a career site.

Family and friends are still the No 1 choice for career advice, with 56pc of respondents saying they would consult these. Just 11pc said they would consult a work colleague and 7pc said they would consult a mentor at work.

“People are always looking for advice when it comes to work, whether they want more money in their current job, career progression or advice on whether it is time to move on. Going to friends and family may not always be the best solution as often they are emotionally involved and don’t have an objective view of what would be the best option,” said Julian Acquari, managing director of Monster UK and Ireland.

“As Irish household broadband penetration increases, we will see more and more people turning to online job sites to provide the professional unbiased advice they are looking for,” he added. said the top concerns for Irish workers are changing career, CV advice, money and salary advice, job interview advice and workplace issues.

The poll was based on votes cast by Monster users in Ireland from 19 September to 3 October.

By Niall Byrne