LinkedIn updates developer platform with new plugins

6 Apr 2011

Professional social network LinkedIn has fully opened access to its development platform and has a number of new plugins for it.

According to the LinkedIn blog, in October of last year, the company gave early access to a JavaScript platform to allow businesses to integrate LinkedIn more easily into their sites.

With this more general release, there is more support for OAuth, a faster JavaScript framework, and there are a number of new plugins. These plugins have a strong business focus for professional social networking.

Plugins include the ability to sign in websites with a LinkedIn account and a share button so users can post a link from a business’ site to their contacts on LinkedIn.

Businesses can integrate member and company profiles to their site and there is also a button which lets users recommend your product to others.

Businesses can access the developer site to see the resources and tutorials on these tools.

LinkedIn recently announced the creation of 100 new jobs in Dublin over the next 12 months.