Microsoft Kinect gets mixed reviews in the US

5 Nov 2010

Microsoft’s Kinect may only be on release in the US but already conflicting reports are arising regarding the motion camera accessory.

Designed for the Xbox 360 console, the Kinect enables gamers to play games hands free and already a slew of games for the console have been announced

So far, initial reports in the US are mixed, especially concerning games for the console. While mostly sports or adventure oriented, games like Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures have proved popular, according to CNET.

The website reports there are also no compatibility issues with the camera accessory, Xbox Live Vision camera, which can continue to be used along with the Kinect.

However, one major negative against the device so far is its inability to recognise darker skin tones in the face-recognition function. According to Gamespot, the Kinect had difficulty identifying “2 out of 3 dark skinned players by their faces”. The body motion feature was reported to function correctly.

Closeness to Kinect

While there are other issues, such as proximity to the device deciding whether the Kinect can discern who you are, to some less than positive feedback trickling through surrounding games such as Fighter’s Uncaged and Sonic Free Riders – which are said to be difficult to control.

All in all, this feedback is at an early stage and console makers and game companies have a reputation for improving the usability of their devices once the technology becomes more familiar to them.

The Kinect will cost €149.99 and will launch on 10 November. It will also be included in an Xbox 360 console bundle, which also offers the game Kinect Adventures, which will retail at €299.99.

The Kinect Experiential Centre opened in Dublin on 31 October.