Music blogger has a sure-fire indie hit on his hands

25 Aug 2008

A compilation of original songs from independent artists put together by a blogger passionate about music is to be released on three different continents, it emerged today.

Indiecater Vol. 2, compiled by mp3hugger, is set to exceed the hundreds of sales received by its predecessor, which was released at during the summer.

The mysterious mp3hugger says despite the turmoil being experienced within the music industry there are fresh approaches and an exciting new supply chain emerging almost daily.

“The onset of digital releases has certainly helped a great deal in profiling the music of under-the-radar artists,” says the blogger.

“Indiecater Vol. 2 is quite different from traditional compilations as I am a music blogger and not a record label. The album is a release from a fan with no hidden agendas, as every song that appears on the album is hand-picked for no reason other than the fact than I love it’.

Mp3hugger went on: “The compilation was put together through the goodwill of the acts involved although they will be getting a royalty for their contribution. There are no middlemen, no packaging costs and no fingers in the pie, so it can be sold quite cheaply. The ultimate aim is to focus attention on some great music that would otherwise have slipped through the (inter)net.”

Tracks and artists featured in the new album include Montag – Going Places(Montreal, Canada), Ned Collette – The Country With A Smile (Melbourne, Australia), The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock – In Country Dark (Dublin, Ireland), Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – What’s To Be Done With El Salvador(Dublin, Ireland), AM Syndicate – To The Peasants Of The Emperor(Austin, USA), Eagle Seagull – I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face(Nebraska, USA), The Van Allen Belt – The Status Quo (A Line Dance) (Pittsburgh, USA), The Very Most – Good Fight Fighting (Boise, USA), Venice Is Sinking – Pulaski Heights (Athens, USA), and The Ruby Suns – There Are Birds (Auckland, New Zealand).

“The most satisfying thing about the release of the first album was the general thumbs up with which the music was received,” says mp3hugger.

“Much of the album’s success can be attributed to the fact that many of the tracks, such as those featured on the new album, are exclusive.”

The success of the Indiecater series of compilation albums has led to plans by the internationally renowned music blogger for a third compilation album in October and a Christmas album in December.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years