NewsWhip goes to South Africa – iPhone and Android apps near completion

21 Aug 2012

Fast growing Dublin headquartered NewsWhip has added a new site dedicated to South Africa where key stories like the Marikana miners shooting are being monitored. The Dogpatch Labs-based company also revealed that its iPhone and Android apps are almost ready for release.

In the past few months, DogPatch Labs-based NewsWhip has added several new sections to their flagship site, showing trending social news about China, the Olympics, the 2012 US Elections, and even pop psychology. This week, the site has a new edition: South Africa.

NewsWhip cofounder Paul Quigley said: “South Africa is the biggest English language news market we were not covering. When we looked into it we discovered a vibrant online news scene, so we’ve started tracking social signals around all the local news sites.”

He added: “We’d hope the section would be useful especially for South Africa’s huge ex-pat population, as a way of staying on top of what’s getting talked about at home.”

Fans of NewsWhip will be happy to learn that iPhone and Android apps are nearing completion. 

“We’ve spent months working on a really slick app for NewsWhip, and we’re pretty confident we’ll have it on the shelves in the Android and iPhone markets next month. We’ve done some exciting new things with navigation and interface, so we’re very excited to let this one loose. Stay tuned,” Quigley said.

Social media image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years