Samsung deal brings Muzu into living room

7 Jan 2010

Irish technology start-up adds to its existing portfolio, including its content deal with the four major record labels, through a new widget that will deliver its online music-video service to the just-announced Internet@TV service from Samsung.

Muzu TV’s inclusion in the Internet@TV service has the potential to bring the online music service directly into millions of homes through Samsung’s new range of internet-enabled televisions and Blu-ray players.

“Muzu TV has amassed one of the largest legal music-video libraries on the web, so music lovers won’t be left wanting, regardless of what genres they’re into,” said CEO Ciaran Bollard.

“We think people are going to be very impressed by the fantastic quality of the videos, and we look forward to powering the music for many late-night parties – just as long as we’re invited to one or two of them!”

Entertainment enhancement

Rob Shaw, general manager CTV & HP at Samsung, said the new Muzu application was a great example of how Samsung’s new service can enhance entertainment technology in the home.

“The way consumers are using the internet in their living room is constantly changing and we believe the combination of great applications like Muzu TV and Samsung technology are leading the way in modern home entertainment,” he added.

Pay for artists

Dublin-based Muzu TV, formed in 2007, is unique in that the company pays all artists whose videos are viewed on the platform and bands get a share of the net advertising revenue generated.

The new deal with Samsung will see ad revenue generated through a CPM advertising format known as ‘In-Skin’, which enables brands to wrap ads around the outside of video players, leaving the viewer free to watch videos uninterrupted.

By Marie Boran