Say ‘dia dhuit’ to YouTube’s little friend

19 Jun 2007

Nine different countries, including Ireland, have received their own language and content specific version of the popular video sharing network YouTube.

Other countries included in the first stage rollout of YouTube’s plan to go local include the UK, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Japan.

More countries will be included in the next few months, according to YouTube CEO Chad Hurley.

“”Video is universal and allows people around the world to communicate and exchange ideas. With our announcement today we are expanding upon our already global platform to make it even more relevant for our local communities,” said Hurley.

To coincide with the launch of YouTube Ireland,, an Irish internet TV station that broadcasts from Dame Street in Dublin, has partnered with YouTube and made a video to celebrate the Irish launch.

The new sites allow users to create, upload and discuss movies in their own language and to encourage the development of “local” YouTube communities online.

“We’re really excited to now offer that same great service to a global community by bringing them local sites that not only promote their communities but speak their language,” said Hurley.

In the run-up to this launch, YouTube signed deals with major international content partners such as BBC, France 24 and football clubs including Chelsea, AC Milan and Real Madrid.

YouTube also partnered up with not-for-profit organisations Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

By Marie Boran