Second screen revolution: 89pc of Irish smartphone users browse devices while watching TV

20 Nov 2013

Around 89pc of Irish people have one eye on the TV and another on their mobile device, new research into the second screen trend by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals.

RED C research commissioned by IAB found that 80pc of viewers are browsing online content directly related to what they are watching.

Some 61pc of Irish smartphone users stated that ads on their mobile are valuable, more than in any other country in Western Europe, and 21pc of digital advertising spend in the market is now mobile (IAB PwC Online Adspend study H1 2013).

While Irish smartphone users are open to mobile advertising, value and relevance are critical, with 36pc stating mobile ads are most valuable when they save them money.

The research highlighted the importance of mobile for brands as a key connection on the consumer purchase journey, with 41pc of smartphone users stating they use them more for browsing online than for calls and texts.

Around 87pc of Irish smartphone users said they want to visit mobile-optimised websites, pointing to the significance of a mobile-optimised landing page for the final click.

Irish people reported spending an average of 26 minutes per day using apps, however, usage of the apps is dependent on the user having a relationship with the brand.

The research also revealed that Irish smartphone users are spending three hours online per day for personal reasons, up from two hours in 2009. The figure is being driven by increased penetration of smartphone (54pc) and tablet (30pc) ownership.  

Irish smartphone ownership above average internationally

Irish smartphone ownership is ahead of other major European countries, including Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Italy (WIN GIA GSMA Survey Jan 2013).

Smartphones have also become a key device for shopping when in physical stores, with 80pc of Irish smartphone users saying they have purchased a product online after having viewed it in-store. 

“Mobile needs to be at the heart of digital and marketing plans, and mobile optimisation needs to be prioritised to deliver the best brand experience,” said Suzanne McElligott, CEO of IAB Ireland.

“Trends like ‘second screen’ and the increased usage of smartphones for online browsing point to the evolution of the customer journey. The research has revealed an openness to mobile advertising, when contextual and delivering real value and easy redemption.

“Brands need to keep up to date with changing consumer needs and technology; consumer demand has been a key driver in 4G and cloud-based technology offerings.

Key functionalities like GPS or technologies like near field communications and transactional mobile sites can help brands to maximise the opportunity,” McElligott said.

Second screen image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years