Tech gadgets dominate Santa’s list for shoppers

28 Nov 2006

Technology gadgets dominate the online top 10 of gifts to buy this Christmas, according to a survey conducted by Visa voucher firm 3V.

These include the new Nintendo Wii Games Console, the Pink Nintendo DS Lite, the iPod Nano 4GB, the GHD hair straightener, Podge & Rodge dolls, Creative Zen Sleek, the Garmin GPS unit, the Cath Kidston Nokia phone, DVD box sets and video games.

Some 40pc of consumers surveyed highlighted fighting through crowds as their number one dislike for on-street Christmas shopping. This was quickly followed with the old chestnut of lack of parking spaces and overspending as the three most common seasonal gripes.

3V estimates that there are currently 318,000 online shoppers in Ireland, of which more than 65,000 3V’s voucher services. Managing director of 3V Keiron Guilfoyle claimed many Irish consumers will avoid the Christmas mean streets and shop online this holiday season.

Over 50pc of those surveyed said they would prefer to receive money or a prepaid gift in order to avoid the dreaded stilted smile that accompanies an unwanted gift.

Guilfoyle said that shopping online could reduce the instances of making ‘gift gaffes’, where people receive unwanted presents, as the internet opens up many more options for products to buy.

By John Kennedy