The week in gadgets

29 Nov 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Celebrities undergo ‘digital death’ for World AIDS Day

Stars such as Lady Gaga, Elijah Wood and Justin Timberlake will not be posting on Twitter and Facebook on World AIDS Day in order to raise money.

The day of silence, which will take place on 1 December, is part of a $1m fundraiser for the charity Keep A Child Alive.

It was organised by singer Alicia Keys and will also involve videos of the celebrities. According to the Associated Press, the videos will show them lying in coffins “to represent what the campaign calls their digital deaths.”

Donations to the charity can be made through the website via credit card, which will go to helping provide treatment and support services to children and their families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

Symbian websites to get shut down

Following the Symbian Foundation’s move to becoming a legal entity, it seems as though it’s undergoing more changes, as it announced that every official website for it will be shut down.

On 17 December, their website, Twitter, Facebook and its source code will be removed. It comes after a string of changes, including Nokia taking over development of the mobile OS.

If users wish to access any of this, they will need to ask the Foundation for a hard copy, which will require an extra fee and payment for shipping after 31 January.

Cyber Monday

Say goodbye to Black Friday – and hello to Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is another shopping day from the US that takes place after Thanksgiving, but with an online focus.

It originated about five years ago. On the Monday after the holiday when employees returned to work, many bought Christmas gifts on their computers.

The event has proven to be a big shopping day online, with lots of online stores offering special deals.

Like with Black Friday, much of this is leaking over to European shores.

Irish online store Stayhome2shop is offering 10pc off its first order on the store. has a lot of deals on offer until midnight tonight.