TweetDeck launches new iPhone app

26 Apr 2011

One of the Twitter world’s most beloved mobile apps, TweetDeck, has been “re-imagined” by its creators and they have gone and created a brand new app from scratch.

Described as faster, more powerful, more flexible and more sexy, the new app takes advantage of the pinch gesture capability on the iPhone to better manage the app and combine feeds into various columns.

For example, Mentions, DMs, Favourites, Lists, Searches and more can be blended together into columns.

“We have put a huge amount of work into creating an app that embodies everything that is good about TweetDeck,” the company said in its blog.

“Every aspect has been designed to work beautifully, from the big things like the swiping between columns, the navigation through user profiles and easy-as-pie Add Column flow, to the little things like the Pull to Update animations and the slick Follow/Unfollow slider.”

The old TweetDeck apps have been temporarily removed from the AppStore as iPhone TweetDeck v2.0 is a brand new app.

New TweetDeck iPad app is coming

The company promised that a newly designed iPad app is also on the way.

“We are already working on optimising the new app for the iPad and we will be updating to a universal app in the next couple of weeks, once we have finished that work.”

You can download the iPhone TweetDeck v2 from the AppStore here.

The latest rumours suggest Twitter is engaged in a bidding war with UberMedia to buy TweetDeck.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years