Twitter comes to the rescue of lost dog Patch

4 Jul 201290 Views

This is not just any shaggy dog story, it is a story about how Twitter came to the rescue of Patch, who wondered onto the train at Kilcock and ended up in Dublin.

Patch boarded the train at Kilcock at 6.49am this morning and arrived at Pearse Station at around 8am.

Irish Rail tweeted a picture of Patch with the words: “Lost dog! Boarded at Kilcock at 06.49 this morning, currently being looked after in Pearse Stn. Please ReTweet.”

Ireland’s Twitter community duly retweeted and by 9.30 and 500 retweets later, Patch’s owner Deirdre Anglin saw that Patch was in safe hands and was reunited with the canine traveller.

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And that’s the end of our shaggy dog story. In Patch’s case, every dog does have his day.

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