UPC Remote Record lets you record shows while on the move

13 Dec 2011

UPC has launched a remote recording service to lets users record their favourite shows wherever they are through a web-connected device, such as a PC or mobile phone.

The service – which is available through an iOS app or a website – gives users a seven-day TV Guide to browse through to let them find their favourite shows.

There is a TV tips guide for smartphone users which shows the broadcast times and channels for the most popular shows.

Users can also choose which digital+ box they want to record on if they have multiple boxes at home.

“We are constantly listening to what our customers want and looking for ways to deliver a better TV product for them to enjoy,” said Dana Strong, CEO of UPC Ireland.

“Today’s announcement is just the start of this process and we plan to continue to innovate and deliver exciting technologies that will give our customers greater flexibility and allow them to enjoy their TV the way they want to,” she said.

The service is available now through UPC’s website for free.