Brave Search now comes with an AI-powered summary feature

3 Mar 2023

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The new AI Summarizer, which does not use ChatGPT, processes ‘multiple sources of information present on the web’ to avoid ‘unsubstantiated assertions’.

Brave Search, a search engine used in the free and open-source Brave web browser, has launched an AI tool that summarises search results without using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The Silicon Valley-based company said its new Summarizer feature aims to provide “concise and to-the-point” answers at the top of Brave Search results solely based on web search results.

“Unlike a purely generative AI model, which is prone to spout unsubstantiated assertions, we trained our large language models to process multiple sources of information present on the web,” Brave wrote on its website.

“This produces a more concise, accurate answer, expressed in coherent language.”

The technology is developed by Brave Software, a company based in San Francisco that launched their Chromium-based web browser in 2019. The browser is primarily used by privacy-conscious users because it blocks ads and trackers in its default settings.

Brave Search was released in beta in 2021 and launched publicly last year. According to the company, the web browser has more than 57m monthly active users as of January.

The latest AI Summarizer, which capitalises on the recent craze around using AI for search results such as ChatGPT-powered Bing, also comes with a feature that ensures “original sources of data are cited at all times” via links.

“This maintains the rightful attribution of information, and helps users assess the trustworthiness of the sources, both of which are needed to mitigate the authority biases of large language models,” the company wrote.

Brave Summarizer is now available for all users of Brave Search on both desktop and mobile. Those who don’t wish to use the AI feature can turn it off by opting out in settings.

“Given the current advancements in AI, it’s crucial to remind users that one should not believe everything an AI system produces, in much the same way one should not believe everything that is published on the web,” Brave added.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, we should not suspend critical thinking for anything we consume, no matter how impressive the results of AI models can be.”

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic