Irish IoT network to debut on General Election day

18 Feb 2016

Ireland’s latest internet of things (IoT) network start-up, VT Networks, is to be given its official debut on the same day as the country’s General Election, 26 February, in Galway.

The event coinciding with the General Election will take place in Galway in conjunction with Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology’s iHubs and Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Programme.

The company made headline last month when it received €1.2m in funding to develop Ireland’s first nationwide dedicated internet of things (IoT) network using Sigfox technology.

Future Human

The entire IoT network is believed to be worth around €10m, with VT Networks having also partnered with RTÉ’s communications networks and transmission operation company, 2RN, which VT Networks sees as offering the greatest opportunity for its development.

Lays out plans for 2016

The start-ups also says that, by June 2016, it expects to have 95pc of the Irish population and territory under its coverage, allowing for IoT devices across the country – and globally, of course – to connect with one another.

At the day-long event, there is planned to be a discussion about the implications of a new IoT era for Irish businesses and how they may benefit from it.

Speaking in advance of the demo day, co-founder and CEO of VT Networks, Mark Bannon, said: “Irish businesses will need to align with new IoT technology. IoT ecosystems will lower operating costs, increase productivity, help companies expanding into new markets or developing new product offerings.

“Our IoT network will provide nationwide low-power and cost-effective connectivity, revolutionising the way businesses and consumers interact with the world around them.”

IoT in copybook image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic