Volkswagen’s internet of things stroller could become a thing (video)

15 Aug 2015

Volkswagen's stroller with brakes and sensors is a thing of the future, and we want it now.

Take a bunch of Volkswagen engineers, a baby stroller and a plethora of sensors and adaptive cruise control technology and the future is here.

This prototype idea could have legs – or wheels. Volkswagen engineers have taken the adaptive cruise control and collision sensor technology from the Golf and added an electric drive motor.

The result is a baby stroller that follows you around rather than you pushing it.

You can go walking, jogging, cycling even, and don’t worry about it banging into anyone.

The stroller just follows you around.

The internet of things is coming and this could be one of those things that could very well catch on!

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years