Gigglebit: Engineers and the corporate world

22 Nov 2014

Gigglebit is Siliconrepublic’s daily dose of the funny and fantastic in science and tech, to help start your day on a lighter note.

Today’s Gigglebit is a popular YouTube video that attracted over 9m views.

The video illustrates how sometimes the neat, reasonable and logical mind of an engineer can sometimes be at odds with the mystifying corporate world of business gibberish, market research and meeting sales targets whatever the cost.

Entitled ‘The Expert’ the video is based on a Russian short story ‘The Meeting’ (in Russian) by writer Alexei Berezin. A Google Translate version can be accessed here.

Faced with an illogical series of demands, inability to listen to reason or basic principles of geometry the exasperated engineer finally recovers his composure.

To the last impossible demand he says: “Of course I can, I can do anything. I can do absolutely anything. I’m an expert.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years