Watch: Walk on the wired side, when Twitter meets Lou Reed

23 Oct 2015

Lou Reed, who wrote Walk on the Wild Side

We’ve been here before, folks. The latest tweet-filled musical recreation to catch my ear sees Lou Reed’s eponymous ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ modernised in all its username glory.

Jim Mortleman’s work has captured my attention on a couple of occasions now. First there was his Facebook take on Dancing Queen, a song I hate, but a video I love.

Next came Tainted Love’s turn, with Twitter users offering a far more accessible route to content for Mortleman and Frinter Garden, one would assume.

Next up was Smells Like Teen Spirit, which has since been pulled down by some spoilsports. But now, keeping up the tradition of classic hits converted to a 2015, social-media-infused recreation, Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side.

By taking Twitter usernames that read somewhat like the lyrics you hear in the song, Jim Jarno goes through so many accounts that surely someone you know pops up at some stage.

So sit back and enjoy his latest masterpiece (with previous videos included below).

Walk on the Wild side, Twitterised:

Tainted Love, Twitterised:

Dancing Queen, Facebook’d:

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic