Xbox One backward compatibility will not support Kinect games

23 Jun 2015

The Xbox One. Photo via Shutterstock

At E3 last week, Microsoft announced that backward compatibility will be introduced to the Xbox One, meaning some Xbox 360 games will finally be playable on the newer console.

The company has since expanded on those plans, revealing that the scheme will extend to 360 downloadable content but not Kinect games.

Responding to a gamer’s query yesterday (22 June), Xbox Support tweeted that the One will indeed be able to support DLC, but as is the case with the games themselves, developers need to give Microsoft their permission first.

Meanwhile, head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken on Giant Bomb’s E3 Day One podcast about 360 games that use Kinect, the hardware’s motion sensing input devices, revealing they won’t be included because “translating between the Kinect sensors is almost impossible,” as reported by Gamespot.

Backward compatibility will initially apply to more than 100 Xbox 360 titles. Those who have already bought the games digitally through Xbox Live can re-download them onto their One without paying any additional fees. To play physical discs, they must download the game to their console’s hard drive and the system will check for the disc upon launch.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic