Cork doctors embrace the iPad

29 Jul 2010

Cork-based technology start-up KM Medical Software is injecting some high tech into the medical world with newly-developed iPhone and iPad apps to help medical practitioners access live patient data on the move.

Surgeons and physicians at the new Cork Medical Centre will be using KM Medical Software’s iMedDoc apps.

The iPad app in particular will help medical staff communicate with patients by displaying chart information and will be used to capture information on the go.

Live information, such as theatre lists and necessary data for the diagnostic process, such as x-rays and lab results, are also accessible from the iPad and iPhone apps.

The move into the app space was a natural progression following the switch to web apps for its client base, whereby fully functional software can be accessed within an ordinary web browser, says Richard Skinner, CEO.

What is iMedDoc?

IMedDoc is a web-based Electronic Medical Records system used by 80 consultants nationwide, which includes partnering with some private hospitals in Cork, Galway and Dublin.

The product sells all over the world, including the US and Asian market. Skinner says the iMedDoc iPhone and iPad apps will be launched in the US within the next few months but with a different business model.

While KM Medical Software currently visits each consultant here in Ireland for installation and training, it is planned to make deployment and setup more automated for the US market, given the geography.

Right now, iMedDoc has just completed a similar project to Cork Medical Centre at the UPMC Beacon Hospital in Dublin.

“We are delighted that the healthcare system in Ireland is adopting innovative approaches to improve care and efficiency within the sector,” said Skinner.

“We hope to continue to be at the forefront of this technological revolution within the industry with other hospitals in the near future.”