Houston, we have Apollo 13 Lego minifigures!

15 Apr 2015

The Lego Apollo 13 crew. Photo via Minifigs.me

Super-cool Lego enthusiasts seeking to replicate NASA’s failed Apollo 13 mission to the moon can now do so with the release of special edition minifigures.

To mark the 45th anniversary of the launch, custom Lego manufacturer Minifigs.me has collaborated with expert Chris Spain to recreate the mission crew in lavish detail.

The toy figures are modeled after crew members James Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert, as well as flight director Gene Kranz, right down to small differences on each space suit. Each is available in flesh tone or traditional Lego yellow.

Apollo 13 was intended to be the third lunar landing mission, but was aborted when an oxygen tank exploded and badly damaged the spacecraft. Lovell, Haise and Swigert all made it home safely though after the tireless efforts of NASA engineers and technicians.

The crew’s story was immortalised in 1995 with the release of the movie Apollo 13, starring Tom Hanks. Many a Lego fan has since recreated scenes from the film using the famous blocks.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic