Registration opens for Microsoft’s WOWZAPP 2012, Worldwide Hackathon for Windows

17 Oct 2012

Students, developers and entrepreneurs around the world who are interested in developing Windows Store apps using Windows 8 may now register for Microsoft’s WOWZAPP 2012, Worldwide Hackathon for Windows.

The event, which will take place 9-11 November in more than 30 locations around the globe, will include participants in countries such as Ireland, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Finland, Chile and Greece.

They will work in teams to develop apps that will be published and available for download in the Windows Store.

At the events, students will be provided with the resources they need to build their apps, such as Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8 and a free Windows Store registration code, both available through DreamSpark.

Students will also be able to test their apps, and developer experts and trainers will be on hand to answer questions and help participants submit their apps to the Windows Store.