Schwarzenegger wants to terminate dependence on fossil fuels

31 Mar 2011

Movie star and former Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is calling on the US to move towards a green economy, ending all dependence on fossil fuels.

Schwarzenegger states his beliefs in The Atlantic, in relation to putting large solar farms in the Mojave Desert, as part of an energy policy that is designed to boost the US economy and avoid the risks of fossil fuels.

Three years ago at Yale University, Schwarzenegger stated in a speech, “if we can’t put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, I don’t know where we can put them. In other words, we need to worry less about a few dozen desert tortoises and more about the economic prosperity, security and health of our nation”.

Schwarzenegger said he believes the US needs to start implementing the green economy goals that US President Barack Obama has identified.

“For too long we have been fighting about greenhouse gases and global warming, about whether the oceans are rising and whether the science can be trusted. All that’s gotten us is stuck and polarised. Let’s face it, if we haven’t convinced the sceptics by now, we aren’t going to,” explains Schwarzenegger.

“So it is time to move past areas Democrats and Republicans disagree on and focus on issues they see eye to eye on. Issues like economic prosperity, national security and the health and welfare of our people.”

Schwarzenegger believes that by transforming the US into a green economy it will help generate prosperity with economic growth and jobs.

Green concepts

California has embraced numerous green concepts with building the world’s biggest solar plants and the biggest wind farm. Green jobs create the largest amount of employment growth in the state. Schwarzenegger urges the US to follow California’s eco-friendly policies, which has made it 40pc more energy efficient than the rest of the US.

The recent oil crisis in the North of Africa and Middle East has created a sense of uncertainty across the globe. Schwarzenegger believes that by becoming energy independent, the US will also rid the public’s fears for national security.

“Most Americans agree it’s not smart for us to send billions of dollars to hostile nations when we know some of that money winds up with terrorists plotting to attack us.”

He finally states that by turning green, the US can reduce the number of petroleum-related air deaths and illnesses in the US which now stands at 100,000 premature deaths each year.