Leancamp to hit Dublin in June for first start-up event

31 May 2012

Participants at a past Leancamp event. Image credit: http://leanca.mp/

Leancamp is set to hold its first unconference-style event in Dublin to help people learn more about creating lean and agile start-ups.

The not-for-profit organisation, which holds events in cities all around the world, is holding its first one-day event in Dublin on 23 June.

The idea of Leancamp is to put people into an open, informal space so they can mingle with lean start-up experts, as well as investors and pioneers around business model innovation. The idea is for people to share resources and for start-ups to glean insights about how to get to market faster.

Another aim is to spark new ties between investors, start-ups and industry experts.

Speakers at Leancamp Dublin will include angel investor Brian Caufield, who is the founder of Exceptis Technology and Similarity Systems and a partner at DFJ Espirit.

Tor R. Grønsund, the founder of Lingosocial and a professor of entrepreneurship at University of Oslo, will also be sharing his insights.

Other speakers will include Mary Cronin, founder of ThousandSeeds, and Rob Fitzpatrick, the founder of The Startup Toolkit and of Habit Industries. The latter was founded in 2007 with seed funding from Y Combinator.

Leancamp will be held at UCD from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, 23 June. ThousandSeeds is hosting the day in partnership with the Innovation Academy at UCD.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic