Irish mid-west boost as Lero and Nexus partnership emerges

15 Aug 2016

Pictured at the launch of the new initiative were Gert O’Rourke (Nexus Innovation Centre), Grainne Barry (Salaso Health Services), Andy Le Gear (Horizon Globex Ireland) and Joe Gibbs (Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre). Image via Diarmuid Greene / WeAreTrueMedia

A new initiative to provide significant research opportunities to start-ups in the mid-west region has been set up by Lero and Nexus, with two companies already on board.

The Irish software research centre Lero will provide assistance to the University of Limerick-based Nexus Innovation Centre, which should result in best-practice software processes being provided to SMEs on site.

“We already work with a number of SMEs so this is a natural development for us,” added Joe Gibbs, business development manager at Lero. “The co-location of Nexus and Lero in the Tierney Building in UL will facilitate such future collaboration.”

Future Human


Although only announced, there are already two businesses signed up to the partnership. Salaso Health Services, which employs six people, provides a connected health technology platform for physiotherapy services. Horizon Globex, which employs nine, develops carrier-grade VoIP solutions.

“Collaborating with Lero is enabling us to ensure that our platform will have best-practice software development processes that meet the highest standards of international healthcare regulatory compliance as a mobile medical device,” said Grainne Barry, COO of Salaso.

“We are currently engaged with Lero in a research collaboration in the area of low-bandwidth VoIP technologies, which will help to advance ourlong-termm R&D goals,” said Brian Collins, founder and CEO of Horizon.

There are already 30 start-ups hosted at Nexus, employing around 135 people on the back of a combined €9.4m private funding.

“We provide an environment where entrepreneurs can develop, collaborate and grow. The Centre aims to increase entrepreneurship with an international trading focus,” said Gert O’Rourke, GM at Nexus.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic