SSX the new stock exchange for start-ups to open for trading on 10 June

5 Jun 2013

On 10 June the Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) will open for trading aimed at providing a simple and comprehensive process for raising funds. The SSX will operate via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) in Curaçao and will open with at least two IPOs.

The SSX was founded by Ian Haet and Brian Niessen, who both have backgrounds in creating and managing technology companies. The SSX has received private funding from US and European investors, including Greg Kidd, a first round angel investor in both Twitter and Square.

On 10 June the SSX will open at exactly 8am EST and investors will be able to create a trading account.

Before start-ups can list on the exchange, SSX performs an extensive review of the company, investigating material facts, potential liabilities and the professional backgrounds of the management team.

A company profile page including share prices, shares, shareholders, trading activity and historical data, as well as company reports every two weeks ensure total transparency.

The CEO of SSX Ian Haet said in a statement today that the markeplace was founded to connect startups and investors worldwide in order to fund early and small businesses.

Investors of any level will be able to buy ownership shares in vetted startup companies, providing a liquid market and investors will be able to buy or sell anytime and control their own account.

“Unlike other funding marketplaces, SSX allows anyone to become an Angel Investor”, Haet said. “Using their online brokerage account, they may purchase 1 share, 100 shares, or any amount of shares.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years