Start-ups team up to offer free Learn From Home Day

12 May 2020

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The aim of Learn From Home Day is to bring people together for a day of exploring new interests and skills.

Tomorrow (13 May), a number of start-ups and organisations are pooling their resources to offer a free online event,  Learn From Home Day. The event comes as schools and universities around the world turn to online learning to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Presented by Codeacademy, with live streams on YouTube and Twitch, the event is running from 3.45pm to 9.45pm (GMT+1), in partnership with Y Combinator, Duolingo, Casper, Headspace and dozens more organisations.

Learn From Home Day will focus on bringing people together for a day of exploring new interests and learning new skills. The event will feature interactive classes and sessions, ranging from guided meditation and drawing, to mixing a song and streaming best practices.

Learn From Home Day

Zach Sims, CEO of Codecademy, said: “This moment in time with the global pandemic is bigger than any one of us – and that’s why we need to come together.

“By collaborating with other brands to host the inaugural Learn From Home Day, we want to help people feel a greater sense of purpose, inspire them to learn more and feel a little less alone.”

Registration for the event is now open on Codecademy. Speakers include Jerry Colonna of Reboot; Eric Migicovsky, partner at Y Combinator; Food52 columnist Ella Quittner; and Casper sleep advisory board member Dr Frank Lipman.

“The takeaway will be that you can learn a new skill from anywhere, at any time and gain a greater feeling of accomplishment, growth and optimism as a result,” Sims added.

Throughout the day, there will be cooking classes with Food52, advice on parenting during a pandemic from Fatherly, and a session on learning a language with Duolingo.

In April, Codecademy partnered with a number of edtech businesses to launch the Learn From Home Club, which has compiled a list of companies and resources that are helping people to continue learning through the pandemic.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic