Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011 launches

14 Mar 2011

Independent insurance brokers First Ireland and Dublin Business School (DBS) have announced the launch the ‘Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011’.

The winning applicant or team will receive €25,000 worth in business services, office space and utilities. The winning entry will also receive a €1,500 cash prize. In addition, the successful student or team will receive mentoring support and business advice from a range of business consultants and professionals.

The competition is seeking students within the DBS campus who can submit a detailed business plan for a product or service.

The business plan should ideally demonstrate export potential to at least the UK and possibly Europe and beyond.

The successful student will then be able to avail of modern offices covering some 100 sq meters, space for up to three people, and with all modern utilities and access to web, networks, printers, fax, scanners, etc, included, as well. 

“DBS is delighted to be involved with the Student Entrepreneur of the Year award,” said Gerry Muldowney, CEO of Dublin Business School. “This initiative will provide our students with a fantastic platform to bring a great entrepreneurial idea to fruition.”

“We are looking for brilliance,” commented John Roe, executive chairman of First Ireland.

“The successful student will have to demonstrate creativity, show us their innovative abilities and impress us with their business knowledge and skills. It is a tall order but well worth the challenge,” he added.

Since 1986, serial entrepreneur and business ‘angel’ Roe has been involved in the creation and development of nearly 40 businesses in a varied range of industries, from insurance to technology.

Roe is dedicated in helping young entrepreneurs build their business ideas. “Young entrepreneurs must take risks and be prepared to fail. Nobody will always be right. I also believe they should concentrate on doing the right thing, not necessarily doing things right!”

More information is available on First Ireland’s website.