Map shows VCs invested €23.8bn in European start-ups since 2014

26 Sep 2016

London still attracts the lion’s share of tech investment in Europe. Image: Peter Wallace/Shutterstock

Mentorship-driven start-up accelerator TechStars has produced an investor map of Europe that counts 541 venture capitalists across the continent and some €23.8bn invested in European start-ups in the last two years.

The map, a valuable resource for any entrepreneur or investor, allows users to drill down into the number of venture capitalists who are active per city. There is also a very handy Google spreadsheet that can be accessed here.

With the help of data from Dealroom, the map identifies €23.8bn that was invested in European start-ups since 2014 from early-stage investments to later-stage growth funds.

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Who is investing where?

Techstars' investment map of Europe

Click to get the full map. Image: TechStars

The TechStars map counts 321 VCs in Europe who are investing at seed stage with 59 located in London, 32 in Berlin, 19 in Paris, 16 in Barcelona and 13 in Stockholm.

In terms of Series A investors across Europe, the TechStars map counts 256 VCs in the continent. London comes out on top with 62 Series A venture capitalists followed by Berlin with 18, Amsterdam with 17 and Munich with 15.

For later-stage investment, TechStars identified 111 Series B investors with 36 based in London, 13 in Berlin, 12 in Paris, 10 in Munich and five in Stockholm.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years