Clinton v Trump US presidential parodies are music to our ears

22 Oct 2016

You can always trust the internet to find humour in the murkiness of the 2016 US presidential race. Image: Marc Kluge/Shutterstock

Clinton v Trump will go down in living memory as perhaps the most bizarre election race, but it has presented some good musical moments.

As election races go, the Trump v Clinton debacle is proving to be divisive, and is unearthing ugly truths about life in America – and we’re not talking about Trump’s hair or make-up.

Just like with the Brexit vote in the UK, it has brought simmering racial tensions to the surface.

Future Human

If any good has come of the tawdry election race, it has been the outpouring of anger from women (and men) over Trump’s lewd ‘locker room talk’, prompting millions of revelatory tweets about unacknowledged sexual harassment in modern society.

But just because this car crash of an election race is disappointing on so many levels, it has not been without its share of mirth. This is thanks to internet users mashing up music videos to the recent election debates.

Even in the murk, there is gold.

Here are some of our favourites:

Donald Trump sings Mahna Mahna funny song

Trump v Clinton (ft. Blondie) – Songify 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump singing ‘The Time Of My Life’

Clinton v Trump caricature. Image: Marc Kluge/Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years