How to pull the perfect sickie during Euro 2016 (infographic)

13 Jun 2016

Ireland's Robbie Keane. Image via Mitch Gunn /

With mere hours to go before Ireland’s first Euro 2016 game kicks off this evening (13 June), anticipation and excitement is building around the country.

Many people are likely plotting how they will escape work early in order to not miss the kick-off of Ireland’s first Euro 2016 campaign match against Sweden, with it starting at 5pm.

It’s likely people’s minds are also turning to the prospect of having to get up in the morning should the celebrations (hopefully) get out of hand.

If you feel you really can’t get up in the morning, then pulling a sickie might be your only option.

With that in mind, Clubline Football put together this infographic on how to pull the perfect sickie.

Although the prep for the perfect sickie is meant to start two weeks in advance according to this infographic, it still has some tips you can employ at the last minute tomorrow.

Good luck! C’mon Ireland!

Click on the infographic to see a larger version.

Euro 2016

Disclaimer: takes no responsibility if you get caught out pulling a sickie – let’s be honest, you’ll probably fool no one. Equally, if no one shows up to work tomorrow, don’t blame us!

Robbie Keane image via Mitch Gunn /

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.