What do Irish mammies watch on YouTube? (Infographic)

4 Mar 2016

Our poor long-suffering mothers are up for their annual day of appreciation this Sunday (6 March), when Mother’s Day dawns, which will see bunches of flowers and badly-cooked breakfasts being presented to mothers all over the country.

For anyone who has left their gift buying to the last minute, and who wants to venture a bit beyond flowers and chocolates for their mother dearest, we have some ideas for you in our Mother’s Day gift guide.

In the run-up to the big day, YouTube did some research among Irish mammies to discover what they use the video-sharing social network for.

Unsurprisingly, given mothers’ generally frantic lives, a large percentage use it to be entertained (45pc) and to relax (49pc).

However, YouTube’s research found mothers also use the site to entertain their kids (38pc) and to find out how to do things (60pc).

Check out the below infographic to discover the many things Irish mammies use YouTube for.

Mother’s Day 2016: Irish mammies on YouTube

Mother’s Day

Young mother on laptop image via Shutterstock