From manufacturing to quality control, we found out from Ireland’s major biopharma players about the roles they’re currently hiring for.

At the beginning of April, headed down to the National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) Careers in Biopharma event at The Campus in Cherrywood, operated by Pioneer Group.

Speaking to professionals from several major biopharma players, we got an insight into the range of roles these companies are currently hiring for.

BioMarin’s Gerard O’Sullivan said the company is actively looking to fill roles in manufacturing and quality. “One of the exciting parts of Shanbally is that we’ve got end-to-end capabilities from upstream, downstream, aseptic filling and packaging all under the one site so there’s a whole range of roles.”

Sanofi’s Bryan Rellis said there are plenty of opportunities at the company. “There are spaces in our quality operations team, in our manufacturing, in QC, I think everywhere across the business,” he said. “The site in Waterford is growing constantly.”


Words by Jenny Darmody