Most companies have something that they believe sets them apart from the competition. At Dropbox, that’s ‘We, not I’.

There are a number of factors that can set a company apart for prospective talent, from the products it produces to the culture it has in place. One of the most telling signs is what a company’s existing employees say about it.

Of course, the first hurdle that jobseekers have to clear is to ‘tick the boxes’ of what an employer is looking for. According to partner account manager Helena Horsburgh, at Dropbox, that’s “someone who is really willing to leave their ego at the door, get involved, pitch in with the team and be scrappy to get stuff done”.

Once you’re satisfied that you’re the right fit in that sense, you start to look to other quarters to make a decision – current employees can be a good guide.

Enterprise account strategist Alex Stewart enjoys the attitude towards teamwork at the company – the ‘We, not I’.“Everyone’s always on hand to give you advice. There’s a lot of people with great experience on the team, and everyone’s really willing to share that.”

For EMEA marketing manager Kim Maniovich, it’s the opportunity to stretch out in her career and “work with all these incredible, super-human, creative types, who have come from the world’s best and leading consumer brands”.

Words by Kirsty Tobin