We spoke to members of the recruitment team at PwC in Dublin, who said that what jobseekers look for has changed over the years.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a dramatic change not only in the way people work, but also the kind of work they look for.

“The candidates still very much drive the marketplace, so while the package is still important to everyone, it’s not as important as it once was,” said Jack Gallagher, head of experienced hire recruitment at PwC’s Dublin office.

“What we see is people are very much interested in the projects that they’ll be working on because they know their package will usually be at the commensurate level.”

But it’s not just the experienced hires that care about what their job constitutes. The newest generation of jobseekers, Gen Z, have their own expectations in regards to their careers, breaking traditional working expectations and promoting individuality.

According to Gallagher, a lot of candidates applying to PwC want their skills and values to align with the company’s values, resulting in what he calls an “enhancement of employer branding”.

“We proactively go out to market, engage with our network, our employees are our best brand ambassadors,” added Sylvia Walsh, experienced hire recruiter at PwC.


Words by Vish Gain