Bobby Healy, CEO of Irish drone start-up Manna, spoke to about his plans to deliver food by drone.

We recently caught up with Bobby Healy, the founder of drone delivery company Manna, to discusses getting the business off the ground and how he hopes to make drone deliveries a reality across Ireland by 2021.

Healy said Manna has overcome obstacles related to regulation and “general hearts-and-minds problems” that the public have when it comes to the idea of mass drone delivery. Looking ahead, the company plans to run its largest pilot to date in University College Dublin.

“We’ll be delivering coffee in the morning, we’ll be delivering breakfast rolls, we’ll be delivering evening dinners, but we’ll also be delivering local convenience store [goods], over-the-shelf pharmacy, everything you might need from your local economy,” Healy said.

“Hangovers? They’ll be a thing of the past.”


Words by Kelly Earley