KerrySciTech’s Momentum 2020 event explored the links between sport, wellbeing and performance.

Momentum 2020 was hosted by KerrySciTech at the Kerry GAA Centre of Excellence at the end of January. Now in its second year, the theme of the event was ‘staying ahead of the game’, with discussions exploring talent retention, performance-enhancing technology, and the links between employee wellbeing and performance.

“At KerrySciTech, we’re looking to promote Kerry as a location for science, technology and engineering talent. So part of what we’re looking at doing is putting together a programme this year, among our member companies, to make wellbeing at the centre of our employees’ workplace,” said KerrySciTech chair John Gannon.

Silicon Republic CEO and Future Human founder Ann O’Dea was MC for the event, which also hosted a keynote from Carole Ann Clarke.

Clarke is a former captain of the Irish women’s rugby team and has previously worked with corporations such as Diageo and Coca-Cola. She is now CEO and co-founder of I Am Here, “a programme that positively disrupts culture around mental health and wellbeing by instilling the belief that it’s OK not to feel OK, and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help”.


Words by Elaine Burke