117 jobs created at Digital Hub last year

2 Jan 2009

Employment at the Digital Hub in Dublin grew by 16pc last year from 740 people to 857, the development agency said in its end-of-year statement, adding tech firms based there are well-positioned to weather the economic storm.

In addition, the number of companies located at the Digital Hub rose by more than 12pc in 2008, up from 90 companies in January of this year to 101 at present.

“Despite such a tumultuous year, the Irish digital media industry is continuing to expand,” the Digital Hub Development Agency’s chief executive Philip Flynn commented,

“All industries have faced unexpected challenges over the course of the past year, and many sectors have been hit hard. However, the substantial and continued growth of digital media globally, and the focus of Irish digital media companies on highly-skilled ‘knowledge’ employees means that Digital Hub companies have successfully withstood the economic downturn and continue to experience growth.

“Most digital media companies operate in a flexible manner that allows them to quickly respond to changing market needs at any given time. This flexibility has helped them to withstand the economic pressures of 2008. These resilient companies represent the type of highly skilled, creative knowledge economy that will guarantee the future success of Ireland.

“Continued investment in supporting entrepreneurship and education programmes geared at digital media professionals is imperative if Ireland is to achieve its goal of becoming a knowledge-based society,” Flynn explained.

The Digital Hub’s end-of-year statement also pointed to successes in the areas of learning and community. Over the course of 2008, the project continued to deliver digital media education to 16 local schools, and a number of local community partners.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years