Dixons Retail’s UK and Ireland total sales fall 9pc

7 Sep 2011

Dixons Retail’s total group sales were down 1pc in sterling globally, with total sales in the UK and Ireland falling by 9pc.

Like-for-like sales were down 7pc across the entire group compared with the same quarter last year, with like-for-like sales in the UK and Ireland down by 10pc.

However, total sales in their outlets in the Nordics were up by 15pc and like-for-like sales were up by 4pc. Other international outlets saw 3pc growth in total sales, but a 6pc drop in like-for-like sales.

Fourteen per cent of Dixon Retails’ group sales were seen online and it saw growth into multichannel sales.

“This performance was in line with our expectations when compared with particularly strong trading last year as a result of the World Cup and launch of the iPad,” said John Browett, group chief executive of Dixons Retail.

“While underlying market conditions have remained challenging this year, we have continued to trade ahead of our markets as customers respond to our improving customer offer.

“I am particularly pleased with the significant and ongoing improvements we have seen in customer satisfaction measures in the UK which demonstrate the success of our Renewal & Transformation plan, as well as our continued strong trading in the Nordics. We remain on track for full-year expectations,” he said.

Dixons Retail will make a total of stg£60m in savings this year, after an additional stg£10m were found.

Capital expenditure is expected to reach stg£100m this year.