Legend Biotech officially opens its European HQ in Dublin

7 Mar 2019

Image: © Chepko Danil/Stock.adobe.com

A new HQ in Dublin is Legend Biotech’s first European site, with a large space for R&D as well as business activities.

Legend Biotech is a multinational biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing cutting-edge cell-based therapies.

Today (7 March), the company has announced the official opening of its European headquarters in Sandyford Business Park in Dublin.

Dr Yuan Xu, CEO of Legend Biotech, said the latter is a global integrated biopharmaceutical company. “Europe is an important market for Legend Biotech and we are committed to having a holistic presence (discovery, development, commercialisation) and to serve patients in Europe.”

The biotech company specialises in the discovery, development, and commercialisation of chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell therapies, and other cell therapy products focusing on the treatment of cancer, and autoimmune and infectious diseases.

In 2017, Janssen entered into a global collaboration and licence agreement with Legend Biotech USA and Legend Biotech Ireland to develop, manufacture and commercialise experimental CAR-T cell therapy LCAR-B38M. According to Legend Biotech, it’s the first CAR-T cell company in Ireland.

The new HQ is the biotech company’s first European site and it has a large space for R&D as well as business activities. The building is 770 sq m in size and spans two floors.

“Establishing our European HQ in Dublin, Ireland, is a logical decision for Legend Biotech given its access to experienced talent, accessibility and international recognition for supporting the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry,” said Yuan. “We look forward to growing our R&D and commercial presence in Ireland in the future.”

IDA Ireland’s Eileen Sharpe welcomed the company’s decision to locate its European HQ in Dublin. “As a global company based in the life sciences sector, its decision to embed a research and development team in Ireland looking into the areas of immuno-oncology is a huge vote of confidence in Ireland’s ability to provide the company with the high-value, highly specialised, scientific talent they will require to continue their globally recognised innovative work in CAR-T cell therapy,” she said.

Jenny Darmody is the editor of Silicon Republic