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What do you need to do to make employees truly happy?

8 Feb 2019

Is there a secret formula to guaranteeing employee retention? Probably not, but we explored some of the many things that can make workers happy this week in the Careers section.

How do you keep employees happy? It is, quite literally, a million-dollar question. Happy employees are less likely to leave a company and are more productive, which gives a healthy boost to company bottom lines.

It would be pretty impossible to find one panacea, but this week in Careers we spoke to a handful of happy employees and found out about the things that endear them most to where they work.

Edel Linehan, an integrated product team engineer at MSD Ballydine, told us that she loves the sense of community she enjoys while working at MSD. Initially drawn to MSD because it seemed like a “lively and friendly place to work”, the camaraderie around the campus is what has made the experience truly enriching for Linehan.

Charles Novabos, a user experience (UX) researcher at Pramerica, really values the scope of his work and the scale of his impact. Though it is a relatively new profession, increasing numbers of employers are recognising the value of the field of UX.

John Davenport, a training leader at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, loves that his job encourages him to find innovative solutions to problems every day, as well as the coaching and training element of his role.

In a way, what these people all have in common is that their job is enriched by simple things such as opportunity for real connection, trust and recognition. If you’re not getting those things from your job, you may consider moving on to a different role. Fortunately for you, a number of new roles have been announced so far in February.

At the top of the month, Meissner revealed plans to hire 150 at a new manufacturing facility in Castlebar.

Global risk solutions Sedgwick is hiring 250 people across a broad swathe of positions including customer service, sales, claims, property, liability, accident, and health insurance, as well as corporate finance, technology, and compliance.

Assystem Technologies, having rebranded as Expleo, also confirmed plans to bring 120 new jobs to Dublin and 30 jobs to Belfast. The company is encouraging applicants with expertise in robotics, quality engineering, DevOps, project management and more.

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