Digiweb rolls out 30Mbps broadband services

7 Mar 2012

Broadband provider Digiweb has rolled out a new 30Mbps broadband service to an addressable market of 500,000 homes across Ireland.

Digiweb’s Metro Express service combines 30Mbps broadband and phone services for €30 a month and does not require a traditional landline.

The service is available in many areas that can only currently receive 1Mbps coverage from traditional DSL service providers or which are beyond the catchment area of most towns.

Digiweb employs 145 people and owns its own integrated fibre, wireless, unbundled exchange and satellite network. It serves 80,000 customers in Ireland.

“Our high-speed Metro Express 30Mbps service will significantly improve the customer experience for internet users across Ireland with faster downloads and lower prices for consumers, and enable better, faster services and new technology opportunities for Irish business,” Digiweb CEO Colm Piercy said.

“This latest innovation, developed here in Ireland, performs three or more times faster than typical 8Mbps services available from other providers,” Piercy added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years