IDA client companies sign up for MAN services

12 Nov 2004

The IDA said today that a number of multinationals in regional locations have already taken advantage of the provision of broadband services throughout the metropolitan area networks (MANs) being managed by Limerick-based technology company eNet.

It was awarded the contract to run the MANs by the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, which involves the establishment of MANs comprising duct and fibre around 26 cities and towns nationwide.

IDA Ireland’s head of regional development and property, Dermot Clohessy, said that the rollout of the MANs was a highly significant development for the IDA in that it would create choice and competition in the delivery of telecom services to a range of IDA clients across the regions. “This initiative by Government supports IDA Ireland in attracting new knowledge-based investment into the regions and helps eliminate regional broadband disadvantage.”

Clohessy continued: “The availability of broadband communications is of increasing importance as a determining factor in attracting inward investment into Ireland. The establishment of the MANs within the framework of the National Development Plan supports IDA policy to have a world-class telecommunications structure in place in the regions. Its rollout highlights the importance of building on the momentum for a more balanced spread of economic development across the country.

“To date a number of IDA clients in a range of regional locations have taken advantage of the provision of broadband services through the MANs networks. These clients have experienced significant cost savings and are now only a tenth of milisecond from the international marketplace. The completion of phase one of the MANs allows for the delivery of a range of new services, supports the development of new knowledge-based business investment and helps eliminate regional broadband disadvantage in the selected towns,” Clohessy concluded.

By John Kennedy