Ireland’s average mobile data speeds greater than South Korea’s – report

12 Feb 2015

New research into what countries provide the best mobile data speeds has thrown up a major surprise after Ireland is ranked as the second-best average speed in the world ahead of South Korea.

The research undertaken by Wi-Fi and mobile data watchdogs Rotten WiFi analysed the mobile broadband speeds of 117 countries across every continent with Europe, North America and Asia dominating the top spots.

But while Singapore’s entry in the top spot of the best average download speed at 15.85Mbps is no surprise, not many could have predicted that Ireland would blitz most of the competition to come close behind the tiny, high-tech Asian nation with an average speed of 15.16Mbps.

To put this into perspective, the third-highest ranked nation is Lithuania with an average download speed of 11.29Mbps.

South Korea meanwhile, often considered the poster-child for high-speed broadband access, is ranked fifth with a speed almost half of what we have in Ireland coming in at 8.51Mbps.

In terms of average upload speeds, Ireland reigns supreme, just, just surpassing South Korea with a speed of 9.12Mbps compared with the Asian nation’s 8.79Mbps.

However, the people of the west African state of Togo have the un-wanted accolade of being the worst country in the world for mobile internet clocking in a speed of just 0.02Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 0.27Mbps.


Mobile internet speeds image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic