Most consumers welcome 4G technology though most don’t know what it is – survey

12 Sep 2012

Most consumers (89pc) say they welcome 4G technology but only 24pc of them know what it actually is, a British survey commissioned by suggests.

The survey results also reveal that 18pc of consumers welcome 4G technology but believe 5G technology, which doesn’t even exist yet, would be ‘significantly better.’

For the record …

  • 4G is short for fourth-generation technology. 4G technology provides fast wireless internet access to both stationary and mobile users, and is expected to surpass 3G technology in terms of speed and quality.

Another 79pc of survey respondents who use smartphones and tablet computers say they would welcome new technology regardless of whether or not they knew what it did.

One in five survey participants, however, said they would like more technical details before deciding whether or not a service is a good innovation.

“What our findings show is that the vast majority of people simply believe that new is good,” said a spokesman from

“In recent years, there have been so many technological advances which have made significant improvements to our lives that it makes sense that mobile and tablet users are keen to continue to embrace new technology regardless of whether or not they understand it.”

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic